Saturday, May 05, 2007

Media Man Australia Update

The Age - we were interviewed and quoted in The Age regarding Paris Hilton going to jail with
'Why there's gold in them thar cells', by Carmel Egan - 6th May 2007

Hitwise Australia - profile - the Media Man Australia website once again was featured in the Hitwise Australia "top ten' ratings (#5 in the entertainment - personalities category) - January - March 2007

Events coming up - events profiles

Dr Sketchy's - burlesque meets art - Jac Bowie presents - every Tuesday at The ArtHouse Hotel

Don't Get Hung Up book launch - selling goods and services by telephone - 10th May 2007

Ruby Rabbit - Rachel St. James and Sophie Serafino will be performing on the 19th May

The Glamour Job - profile - website - event date to be advised

Major news developments coming soon:

"The Mile High Hostie" Lisa Robertson
Rated M and Rated X music videos to shake up Australian and international market
Burlesque scandal
Australian men's magazines to break new ground in print and online
Former prisoner may represent Australia at World Cup and Olympics - profile - Mick Cutajar - news story to hit Southern Courier re Cutajar - South's connection
Island related news to hit prime time Australian TV with view to documentary and feature
Virgin Enterprises Limited - one of the world's most recognised and respected brands has more huge news coming up re the environment, in flight entertainment and more

Media Man Australia live and near live newsfeeds


The Media Man Australia website is getting updated

Social and community entrepreneurs profile updated - profiles of the month - beyondblue - cancer awareness - charity portfolio

Special thanks - Geoff Barker, Bessie Bardot, Jac Bowie, Rhys O'Connell, Max Markson, Val Haydon, South's, ABC, Fairfax, Southern Courier, Craig Rispin, Bill Ranken and too many more to list

As always, thanks for your support and contributions.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man Australia