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Media Man Blacktown Comment

Media Man Blacktown Comment

Hi Reid

Thanks for your enquiry. Judging by existing news media reports Deborah isn't commenting further. I think she is managed by the Harry M. Miller group.

If this may interest you, I think many areas of Sydney have good and bad patches. When I lived at Maroubra Beach it was that way. If you live in a beach side suburb such as a Bondi Beach, Bronte or a Maroubra Beach for example, I think some others parts of Sydney are going to look pretty second best. As far as Bankstown, I think parts of the area are "terrible" (if I compare it to Bondi for example). I wouldn't say the whole area is terrible, but I used to get out there a bit as my late father drove trucks, and I much preferred Newport Beach and Kurrajong.

Looks like some sort of "my suburb is better than yours" sort of war is being played out in the Sydney press. I guess they have to write about something hey. We should all be grateful we are in Sydney. Better than a Iran or Iraq for example, where you might look up in the sky to see where the bombs are dropping. At least in Sydney most folks can get a feed and of course there are government support services in Sydney, Australia also.

If you care to use any of my thoughts / quotes, no problem. Good luck on the hunt.

Best Regards
Greg (currently on location at Abbotsford.... another suburb I like)...

Greg Tingle
Media Man
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