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Contact Details

Greg Tingle
m: 0424 223 674
a: PO Box L55 Maroubra South NSW 2035

Media / PR Portfolio

Articles published and placed in print include:

- ‘The facts and the fantasy’– The Sunday Mail – 8th May 2005
- ‘Schapelle fan’s living in fantasy land’ – The Daily Telegraph – 21st May 2005
- ‘Celebrity property developers’ – Wealth Creator Magazine – January 2005
- ‘Universal Appeal’ – The Age – 8th April 2005
- ‘Jump On Board’ – front-page of Southern Courier – 29th October 2002
- ‘Solving TV’s celebrity skills crisis’ – SMH – The Age – 19th March 2005
- ‘Channel 31 – More than just Joy’s World’ – The South Sydney Herald – April 2004
- ‘Beautiful Bulahdelah’ – Great Lakes Advocate – 28th July 2004
- ‘Focus on a high-flier’ – The Manly Daily – 19th August 2004
- ‘Croc Title Wars’ – The Courier Mail – 11th September 2004
- ‘The Net Ruined Our Lives’ – SMH - Vena McGrath book – ‘Secrets, Lies & Chat’ – April 24/25
- ‘Laws Sees Kinder Side Of Telstra’ – The Australian - “caller Greg”
- ‘From Cradle To Grave’ – Wentworth Courier – 15th March 2004

Articles published and placed in new media include:

- ‘Ratings Stunt Or Fair Comment’ – Crikey Media – 22nd September 2003
- ‘Real “crocodile hunter denies zoo plot’ – 10th September 2004 (ABC Online and ABC radio)
- ‘The Great Aussie Promoters’ – MMA – February 2004 (endorsed by Jacobsen, Markson)
- ‘Time Spent With A Loveable Rougue’ – – 9th May 2003
- Book Review – ‘That’s Life’, Derryn Hinch, on Derryn Hinch official website
- ‘Mr PR – Max Markson’ – Media Man Australia – March 2004 (endorsed by Max Markson)
- ‘The Man They Call Harry M’ – MMA (endorsed by Harry M. Miller)
- ‘Tony Rafty: Caricaturist and Australian National Treasure’ – Australia’s Cultural & Rec Portal

TV, Film and Radio appearances and credits include:

- 6PR Radio, for self and Lewis O’Flynn, Hottest On TV – 24th June 2005
- ABC Radio, for Colin Handley, Australian Stunt Academy – 13th April 2005
- 4BC Radio, for Colin Handley, Australian Stunt Academy – 2nd April 2005
- 4BC Radio, for Lewis O’Flynn, Hottest On TV – 3rd April 2005
- 4BC Radio, for Charles Gant, Fantasy Island – 24th May 2005
- ‘Today’, Channel Nine, Brisbane, for “Crocodile” Mick Pitman – 28th September 2004
- ‘Today Tonight’, Channel Seven, Brisbane, for “Crocodile” Mick Pitman – 28th September 2004
- ‘Today Tonight’, Channel Seven, Sydney, for Vena McGrath – 23rd April 2005
- Guinness TV – Granada Productions, Sydney, for ‘Sydney Body Art Bike Ride’ – 13th Feb 2005
- Guinness TV – Granada Productions, Sydney, for Anthony Kelly – June 2005
- Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Northern Queensland, for WWE – 13th December 2004
- 90.7 SYN FM, for Nigel Gohl, author of ‘Around The World In 80 Babes!’ – December 2004
- 5AA Sports Net, for Mario Milano, wrestling legend – 14th November 2004
- 3AW, for ‘Hottest On TV’ – 1st November 2004
- Australian Broadcasting Corporation, for ‘Hottest On TV’ – ‘Mondo Thingo’ – October 2004
- Triple J, for “Crocodile” Mick Pitman – September 2004
- 2CC, Canberra, for self and “Crocodile” Mick Pitman – September 2004
- Media Channel, New York, for self and “Crocodile” Mick Pitman – September 2004
- Australian Broadcasting Corporation – 720 Perth - Reality TV debate
- ABC TV & Radio “spots” organised for Steve Rackman, Mick Pitman, John Novak (Sept 2004)
- Radio 2UE – 3 x John Laws programme, 2 x Mike Carlton, 1 x Larry Emdur
- Radio 2GB – 1 x Alan Jones for Community Initiatives Group, 1 x Brian Wilshire (media)
- Radio 3AK – Talking Television with Greg Tingle (with Sam Kekovich and Greg Evans)
- RTHK - Radio Television Hong Kong, Reality TV discussion – 19th May 2004
- Channel 31 Community TV – Joy’s World
- ‘Son Of Mask’, dancer, FOX Studios – March 2004
- ‘The Rules’ (Coherent Productions), assistant producer
- ‘Sum Of Existence’ (Coherent Productions), assistant producer
- ‘Brothers At War’, promoter, publicist and agent
- ‘merelyplayers’ DVD showcase, producer and director
- ‘The Fight Of The Century’, promoter
- ‘White Collar Blue’ - cemetery scene
- *Media Man Australia also secured TV, film and radio placements for many more clients

Interviews – freelance include:

- Doug Mulray, Broadcaster at The Basement
- Phillip Adams, Broadcaster & Journalist - The Australian and the ABC
- Danny Schechter “The Media Dissector”, Director, Media Channel, New York
- Johnny Valiant, Actor and Comedian, The Sopranos
- Max Markson, Director, Markson Sparks!
- Harry M. Miller, Director, Harry M. Miller Group
- Derryn Hinch “The Human Headline”
- Dr Gary Forbes, Broadcaster
- Quentin Dempster, TV presenter and journalist
- Jeff Fenech, multi time Australian boxing champion
- Scotty Crane, broadcaster, Washington
- Evan Ginzberg, broadcaster and promoter, New York
- Joy Hruby, actor, producer, director and author
- Dan Severn, multi-time UFC champion
- Steve “Crusher” Rackman, actor and living legend of professional wrestling
- Ric Drasin - “Demi Hulk” in the original “Incredible Hulk” TV series and TV producer
- Robbie Swan, Media Director, EROS Association
- Bessie Bardot, Broadcaster, model and publicist

Public Speaking engagements include:

- The Australian Media Forum # 2 – questions to Kim Williams, FOXTEL CEO
- The Communications Law Centre – media
- Save Our Foreshore - media
- Media Central - Defamation: Who Needs Protection?
- Friends of the ABC – “ABC in Crisis”
- The Annual Maroubra Fun Run – M.C
- Maroubra Precent Committee – Maroubra Bay Hotel
- Essan Laurent Industry Nights
- Interviews – granted for Universities, TAFE, etc

- Australian Army Reserve – “Most Improved Recruit” – 1989 – 1991
- Multi time “Salesperson of the Month” – Telstra and Optus
- Secured government grant via NEIS programme
- Publicity and semi technical assistance to Bulahdelah CTC Telecentre – 2004
- Talent securing for La Mercia Developments – Gala Event
- Website design (Macromedia), development and broadcasting skills
- Certificate III in News Media & Journalism
- Certificate III in Sales & Marketing
- Certificate IV in Business (NEIS)



Maroubra South NSW 2035

TELEPHONE: 0424 223 674




EDUCATION: 2002 - 2003
News Media & Journalism, Certificate III, Petersham TAFE
CTV1 Community TV, Sydney (since January 2002): All aspects of TV
BEC - NEIS: Bondi Junction: Small Business Certificate IV

OTEN: Certificate III in Marketing

Bondi BEC: Business Promoting and Planning
Southern Sydney Institute of TAFE: Security Course

Petersham College of TAFE: Business Administration Office Skills
Petersham College of TAFE: Office Skills - Shipping Clerical
External Studies College of TAFE: Transport Administration
External Studies College of TAFE: Commercial Shipping Practice

Pittwater High School


Optus Sales Training & Telstra Training
Cool Edit Pro training, via TAFE
Hitwise training
Google training – self taught and online experience
PSINet Australia Technical Training
CTV1 Television Studio Training
ID Media Internet Technology training & (IBNIX) I.T. Training
Australian Army Reserve (1988 - 1991) Most Improved Recruit
Team Leadership & Management
Sydney Water Training (1990 - 1996)
K-Mart Sales Training (1987 - 1988)
Alexander Typing Course (30 WPM)

MEMBERSHIPS: Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance
National Press Club
NSW Writers’ Centre
CTV1 Community TV, Sydney
Friends of the ABC
TAFE Student Association
Internet Society of Australia
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Community Initiatives Group
Maroubra Chamber of Commerce
Maroubra Boardriders Association
Skills and Abilities:

 Australian television and communications industry savvy
 Internet, ITV & Media Savvy
 Sales & Marketing skills
 Subscriber television sales and bundling experience (multi-time sales award winner)
 Advertising skills (traditional, online, Ad Serving etc)
 Negotiation skills Campaign development
 New Business Development
 Media Monitoring Secure clients media coverage
 Journalism Skills
 Microsoft application skills
 Interviewing and Investigative skills
 B2B & B2C Skills
 Television Studio Skills
 Project Management
 Asset Management
 Account Management
 Face to face selling
 Marketing Skills
 Multi Positioning
 “Hunting” Skills
 “Farming” Skills
 Cross Selling / Bundling
 Client retention and loyalty
 Advertising and Promotional Skills
 Total Solution Identification
 Marketing & Public Relations Skills
 E-commerce understanding
 Advanced Telemarketing
 “Smoke Screen” Identification
 Ability to Manage and Supervise
 Interpersonal Communication
 Overcoming Client / Prospect Rejection
 Contract/Price negotiation
 Presentation skills
 Customer service
 Data entry and retrieval
 Business applications using a PC
 Understanding of basic book-keeping and Financial Management
 Ability to work in teams and unsupervised
 Time management and ability to meet deadlines
 Interpretation of maps and technical information
 Strong Work Ethic

LICENSES: Drivers Licence Class MR
Security Licence 1a, b and e
Australian Red Cross Senior First Aid Certificate
Forklift Licence


My name is Greg Tingle. At 35, I’ve enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding 9-year career in the national & international media, entertainment, sales and marketing & technology industries.

I’ve created, produced & managed multi-platform sales & marketing campaigns for everything from Optus Vision, Optus ITV, Telstra, to my own media and publicity company, Media Man Australia.

I entered the world of sales and marketing in 1996 via way of audition for sales representative for Optus Vision (only 2 people out of 30 were selected). I went on to become multi-time “Salesperson of the Month”, and was promoted to Account Executive, and later, Pay-Per Vision Liaison and Foreign Language Channels Executive, where I built on the PPV and bundling parts of the Optus business.

From 1999 to 2001 I worked for companies such as Telstra, ID Media and PSINet Australia, in both sales / marketing and technical roles, eventually building my skills to develop one of the most popular websites / portals of its kind in the world; Media Man Australia aka

In January 2002, the media and publicity company business I had developed from the ground up, Media Man Australia, was fully launched, which included airtime on Radio 2UE, 3AW and ABC Radio National. We also attracted positive mention on New York’s Media Channel, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Boston Phoenix and Channel 31 Sydney, where I was a TV presenter, journalist and publicist.

2003 saw me further develop our publicity, personality and promotional sides of business, where I now enjoy being the agent, publicist and promoter of some of Australia’s, and indeed the worlds, greatest business entitles and personalities (full list available upon request).

I have placed clients and talent onto most major Australian media mediums, across TV, Radio, Print (newspapers and magazines) and New Media (over 1 million hits per month).

Media outlets where my clients have appeared include, but are by no means limited to SMH, The Age, Daily Telegraph, Channel 9, 7, ABC, SBS, Radio 2UE, 2GB, 2CCC, Wealth Creator Magazine, The Bulletin (full list available upon request).

Work Experience

Media Man Australia
January 2002 – Current
Sales & Marketing Director / PR Director

 Sales, marketing and advertising campaigns Create and execute national and international marketing plan
 Conceptualise, design and develop Media Man Australia &
 Create media and public awareness – “pitch” for promotion / public relations and media campaigns
 Garner industry support
 Write computer code (HTML) whilst targeting to Google and additional search engines
 Operate technical equipment – video camera, voice recording, editing tools, dubbing
 Write articles, sales copy & press releases – published in newspapers and online media websites
 Conduct interviews: with the who’s who of the telecommunications, media & entertainment business
 Project and Asset Management
 Generate and promote new business – telephone, face to face and e-comm sales
 Create and execute business plan
 Contact key decision-makers and influencers
 Total business and financial management, including raise $15,000 government grant (NEIS)
 Create and organise media coverage for clients and community issues: Community Initiatives Group – 2UE, 2GB, ABC, Nova96.9, Triple M, Today FM, 3AK, MediaChannel, The Southern Courier and The Daily Telegraph, which resulted in Premier Bob Carr’s office sending a thanks
 Part time radio station announcer, including “Talking Television” on 3AK. Media analyst
 Attended TAFE & BEC (part-time) – News Media and Journalism: Certificate III & Business IV
 Receive e-mails and telephone calls of appreciation from clients

CTV1 Community Television, Sydney
January 2002 – 2004 (part time)

 Interview, coordinate and research media and entertainment figures for “Joy’s World”
 Operate video cameras and sound mixing equipment
 Editing of “raw footage”
 Source media stories, events and talent to report on
 Liase with agencies and community groups, and “cut deals”, create contra’s etc
 Maintain and develop industry relationships
 Attend TV and Entertainment presentations - “Mo Awards”, Media Forums, “Red Carpet” openings
 Select and research locations for filming
 Receive e-mails and phone calls of appreciation from clients

SingTel Optus ITV
February 2002 – June 2002
Customer Management Executive

 Generate and promote new business – consumer and commercial
 Create business proposals and assist in marketing plan
 Assist and support Management and staff
 Campaign and Project Management of clients
 Conduct and participate in weekly presentations
 Provide Strategic Solutions and client consultation
 Contact key decision-makers and influencers
 8 ITV (interactive TV) outbound sales in a working day
 7 OTV / Local / LD / Internet “bundles” in a working day
 Receive e-mails of appreciation from clients
 Receive formal acknowledgment of success in weekly meetings
 Ability to achieve targets
 Oversee and manage projects from conceptual – development – integration - launch etc

PSINet Australia
March 2001 – February 2002
Business Development Executive

 Assist in development of Sales and Marketing plan
 Ability to achieve targets
 Receive formal acknowledgment of success in weekly meetings
 Identify, contact and set-up PSINet agents
 Develop “start-ups” into profitable businesses
 Identify key web hosting and connectivity opportunities
 Initiate key alliances and clients of PSINet Australia
 Winning of a global account in 3 different continents
 Oversee and manage numerous projects from conceptual – development – integration - launch etc

June 2000 – February 2001
Internet Consultant / Account Executive / On-line Advertising Representative

 Receive e-mails of appreciation from clients
 Receive formal acknowledgment of success in weekly meetings
 Achieve targets
 Identify key webcasting opportunities
 Initiate key alliances and clients of ID Media

Jan 1999 – May 2000
Business Solutions Manager (Medium Business Solutions)

 Receive e-mails and phone calls of appreciation from clients
 Receive formal acknowledgment of success in weekly meetings
 Achieve sales target of $70,000 + per month
 Winback of competitor business lines ($50,000 p.a)
 $120,000 sales in a single working month (July 1999)
 150% achievement of monthly sales target (July 1999)
 90% portfolio coverage in a single working month (220 clients)
 Achieve 8 clients accept invitation to Olympic Presentation
 Earned the right to participate in the Internet and Intranet Useability Study
 Turned a client from unloyal (5% Telstra to 95% Telstra loyal in a 8 month period)
 Accompany 3 clients to the 1999 Telstra and NSW Small Business Awards (Sept 1999)
 $30,000 sale of 2 x OnRamp 2, OnRamp 10 & Digital Modems, configured with Ericsson Phones
 Achieve numerous Sales & Service Awards (September, October, November, and December 1999)

Jan 1997 - December 1998
Retention Group Representative/Account Manager/Pay Per View Liaison

 Spear Head PPV Liaison and specialise in saving “impossible customers”
 Training new Retention Group Representatives – PPV team, retention team, add-on channel team
 Conduct presentation on PPV events to 20 fellow employees
 Up-sold add on channels including Main Event PPV’s, Foreign, Wrestling, Disney, Adult etc Work closely with Optus Vision marketing team. Many of my initiatives were adopted
 260 Gross sales (252 Net sales) in February 1998
 220 saved customers/sales in March 1997
 73 Gross sales (69 Net sales) in a week
 18 Gross sales in a single working day
 95% “closure rate” on a single disconnection worksheet
 50 Gold Contract sales in a single week
 15 PPV Sales in a single working day (Boxing, Wrestling, Concerts etc)
 25 local/long distance telephone sales in a single week

May 1996 - Dec 1996
Neighbourhood Sales Representative

 Sales person of the month for October, November & December 1996
 Consistent performance for August & September 1996
 20 Gross sales in a single working day
 Promoted on merit to Retention Group, where I later developed my own PPV / add on team

1990 - 1996
Water Maintenance Employee / Construction Worker and Plant Operator

1993 - 1994
Manager & Director

 All aspects of managing the restaurant
 Training and Supervision of staff
 Advertising, Marketing, Promotions
 Financial record keeping


 Former Optus and Telstra “Salesperson of the month”. Promoted on merit at Optus.
 Make successful transition into the media and entertainment business
 Make successful transition from “blue collar” environment to Corporate Account Executive
 Make successful transition from Pay TV Sales to producing TV programs and interviewing media and entertainment figures for community TV, a seen on Channel 31, Sydney
 Made “call-ins” on 2UE John Laws and Mike Carlton
 Interview some of Australia’s and the world’s, most respected media and entertainment figures
 Creation of website: Media Man Australia mentioned on 2UE, Nova 96.9, ABC, Media Flash, MediaChannel, SMH Online, SMH Business Network, Channel Nine ‘A Current Affair’, Red Sheriff, Boston Phoenix. Website attracts over 650,000 hits (50,000 unique visitors per month)
 Gained respect and support from prominent media and business identities
 Official Olympic and Paralympic Volunteer for the Sydney 2000 Games (Internet & Intranet)
 TV extra work with Q Casting including “White Collar Blue” and “Love Bytes”
 Australian Army Reserve – Most Improved Recruit 1988
 Air Training Corps – Leading Cadet Honourable Mention
 First Fifteen Warringah Rats Rugby Union 1987
 Sydney Marathon Volunteer (May 2000)
 Alerted 4.5 million Australian’s to investment opportunities with Ivana Great Barrier Reef and La Mercia Developments (via ‘Sunday Telegraph’ and ‘Wealth Creator Magazine’)
 Source and coordinate prizes of substantial value for ‘Hottest On TV’ (Television personality rankings portal) and promote its website to over 2.5 million hits per month
 Raise government grant ($15,000 via NEIS in 2003)
 Achieve excellent results in the Google search engine for self, clients and associates
 Sourced talent for Granada Productions Guinness World Records Australian TV Established Optus Vision Pay-Per-View sales and retention team Pitched questions at ‘The Australian’ Media Forum, including to Foxtel CEO, Kim Williams
 Consistently achieve 10 plus positive media mentions for clients per month, from PR created Consistently achieve 10 plus sales per month, including repeat business


Welcome to the career blog of myself, Greg Tingle.

This blog website offers an overview of my career, past, present and future.

Whether you are a potential employeer or client, or are just interested, I hope you find this of interest.

My background is orginally blue collar, having spent over 6 years on the Sydney Water Board in a variety of roles ranging from construction worker to office administration, later working for communication companies such as Optus Vision, Optus Communication, ID Media - WaveCam and Telstra.

In January 2002 I commenced my own business, Media Man Australia, a media and public relations company.

At present (July 2005) I am looking at various career opportunities in the media, pr and business development fields. It's likely that my base will continue to be in Sydney.

A version of my CV is available here and my PR / media version of my CV is located here.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
m: 0424 223 674
a: PO Box L55 Maroubra South NSW 2035