Sunday, January 06, 2008

Greg Tingle - Media Man Australia News Update

A new year is upon us.

We are in current negotiations with the ABC and Foxtel on a number of levels.

In addition, we are now doing official online promotions for Foxtel and a number of other impressive companies that we think highly of including but not limited to Virgin Mobile Australia, Webjet and Qantas. See the front page of the Media Man Australia company website.


Media Man Australia live and near live newsfeeds.

Fitting in with the holiday season, we have rampted up our travel and tourism coverage, including eco tourism, and we've been spending considerable time at tourism hotspot, Bondi Beach. Great cafes at Bondi Beach by the way. Special thanks to Todd Tai from Australian Geographic Society.

We are very impressed with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Foxtel, and will soon be releasing more news into the public domain.

Google continues its online domination with its search engine and just about everything else, and we have recently learned on some huge news which is extremely relevant to us, and some of this information will be released into the public domain as appropriate.

Many thanks to everyone who supported Media Man Australia in the past year, in fact, anyone who has supported us over the past 6 years. Your support is appreciated.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man Australia

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia